About Linda Karshan

Born in Minneapolis to a family of Romanian background, Linda Karshan has been resident in London since 1969. Drawing and more recently, printmaking, have been the vehicles for her artistic expression which has matured over the past decade into a growing simplicity of content. Though left handed, shed draws with her right hand to ‘unlearn’ what might come too easily to her, thereby creating a means of execution which is counter - intuitive, while the marks she makes and the rhythm of doing so are instinctive.

The core of the image in her compositions comes first, out of which the structures grow. These have been looped and cellular in their components; at other, times Linda Karshan employs either verticals or horizontals, or a combination of the two, and of late has introduced staccato ‘light points’. All of them contribute to a personal form of serial notation which hangs upon the grid she has inherited from American Minimalism of the 19605; however, the obviously hand-made quality of her notation and lack of deference to the edges of her paper subvert the notion of a wholly rational system. ‘My own work . . . is concerned with the aesthetic. I am interested in how these ‘marks and traces’ come into being, seemingly of their own accord, and how they then have the power to move the viewer.’

Drawing for Linda Karshan is a means of bridging the gap between a purely inner, subjective reality and a shared external reality that can be objectively perceived. emerging ‘through that “transitional space” that hovers between the conscious and the unconscious. “It is always a precarious situation which must be renegotiated constantly: ‘My job is to hold my concentration. but never to impinge on the work as it comes though.’